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Breasts know a lot!

I wonder if  breasts have a mind of their own,
The innate intellect they carry is quite well known.
While my little angel was still in my womb, happily growing
My breasts were showing changes too, they were preparing for future feeding

The areolas suddenly darkened and nipples became perky
Later I understood, it happened so that my baby could latch easily.
My breasts became warm, the moment he was put to my chest
They signalled for the miracle hormone to calm my nerves and help me rest

The sweet scent of milk that my breasts emit, attracts my baby instantly
The moment they hear his hunger cry, they also start leaking automatically.
How on earth do they know what my baby wants and what he needs??
Its fascinating that they even modify my milk, depending on when and how long he feeds.

One night I was sleepy, so I may have skipped a feed or two
They woke me in the middle of the night with heaviness and pain, I knew what I had to do
Even my doctor warned me, if I do not empty my breasts and express my milk out
They will send negative feedback to my brain and put him in self-doubt

My breasts even tell me if my baby is latching well or simply comfort sucking
They miraculously know how to put him to sleep without too much of night waking
That is not all, they even sense what I am feeling and understand my state of mind
This one time they just refused to secrete milk, until I took some time to unwind

This is why I say, my breasts are unique, they simply know everything
They provide immunity, nourishment and warmth to my little one, at every feeding
They are epitome of love and selflessness and deserve utmost respect
Do consult an expert when needed and take care of your breasts, in every aspect.

-Rashmi Poduval


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