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Heroes of my breastfeeding journey

(This poem is about a mother recollecting her breastfeeding journey and the struggles she faced and the kind of support she received along her journey.)

I remember the first time when I held my precious one in my arm, his tiny little eyes, spreading all his charm.
I wished that I could pour all my love onto him and keep him secure, protected and warm.

I was so eager to provide him all the nourishment, give him my liquid gold and the best start to his life.
But never had I imagined that breastfeeding him, would be such a strife.

My doctor said, "This is just the begining of something wonderful. Patience and perseverance, is the key."
He sent in the LC to my rescue, and within no time she miraculously got him latched onto me.

Day by day I was mastering the skills and my little one seemed happy and glee.
But the long breastfeeding hours and sleepless nights, were indeed taking a toll on me.

My husband said please let me help, you need to rest before the next feed
Meanwhile, I will play with him, cuddle him and take care of all his needs.

My mom said dont worry about the household chores, I have taken care of it all.
My sister kept checking in and said, if you need anything just give me a call.

My mom in law brought me food and snacks, they were so nutritious and tasty, I was slowly gaining my energy back, and was truly on the path of recovery.

My neighbours, friends and cousins visited often, they entertained my child while I could bathe and freshen up
The doctors and nurses have been so empathetic, they would boost my morale at each follow up.

Soon it was time for me to resume my work and on my first day back, I did feel a little nervous and clueless
But, my colleagues greeted me with so much warmth, helped me with the updates and cleared all the mess.

The management had allowed me to take a few breaks and colleagues willingly offered to share my responsibility.
I was so pleased to see the new milk expression room there, with breast pumps and milk storage facility.

My little one is now a year old, absolutely healthy and still breastfeeding.
I knew I could achieve all my goals, because of the undying support that I kept receiving.
I am so grateful, to all those who helped me and kept me from falling into the abyss
I wish that all moms across the world, get to experience, this motherhood bliss.

- Rashmi Poduval


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